Why S.T.E.M Education





S.T.E.M forms the core of scientific and technological revolution that shaped our lives today. These are the core subjects that decides upon the future of nations. S.T.E.M forms the backbone for industrial, technological and subsequent socio-economic well-being of a nation. Unfortunately, in Pakistan the poor quality education system coupled with lack of vision forms a bottleneck for the country to progress or compete with other nations. Until we can instill the passion and vision of S.T.E.M education in our younger generations, we cannot hope for this dire situation of utter darkness and ignorance to change. It is because no quality of college lecture on genetics can be more interesting than the pervasive X-Men and no amount of lecture on space science can invigorate passion for space science more than appalling Apollo 13.

What We Do

Kids love doing science rather learning science. This is the thinking behind all our programs. We at TechTree have solemnly sworn to make learning interactive and fun. We have a wealth of resources for this, consisting of a holistic curriculum, DIY kits, tools and equipments to foster learning through experimenting.

Our ideas inspire kids to think out of the box using devices and applications that paves the way for future Scientists, Technologists, Engineers and Mathematicians.
We provide exciting and engaging learning programs for grade 1 till 12 with hands on experience, which is delivered by experts on the subjects complimented with our specialised tools and content.

About Us

TechTree is an initiative by Shaheer Ahmed and Salman Tariq, long- time friends who share the same DNA of geekiness. The idea sparked their minds after observing the old teaching models failing and the need to design a curriculum on elementary level to encourage critical thinking across disciplines.
So they constructed this ultimate toolbox designed to explore educational opportunities and careers in STEM for students.

With special expertise in electronics, robotics, coding, Internet of things and aerial robotics, TechTree kindles the engineering imagination of the students.
Being Innovators in Education, our purpose is to Increase student aptitude and enrollment in STEM since early school years to beyond and Educate students, parents and educators to take informed decisions about their future educational paths.

Our Packages

STEM fun For Grade 1 till 12.

School Alliance Program is specifically designed to increase the student engagement less explored stem fields. The program runs throughout the year and is developed keeping the learning capacity of different ages in mind.


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