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January 22, 2018
Necessity of STEM Education in Schools
April 11, 2018


Let’s transport you back to your childhood when you were fascinated by shows where chemistry gave birth to The Powerpuff Girls and the brother sister duo in Dexter’s Laboratory helped us relate to our siblings and all things Science, and The Jetsons that was set in a time completely ahead of ours or Robotech that stunned us with the transformation of robotic machines into vehicles and tweaked our minds giving rise to all kinds of unconventional ideas that may sound totally absurd? But how do we know those ideas were no good when we never got the chance to practically get into the deets of it and blow up a room or set one on fire working it out? There was just imagination booming and no platform for those innovative geniuses to evolve.

Over the years there has been a growing interest in the field of STEM education and entrepreneurs have risen to take the test of time and effort towards the implementation of unconventional and innovative ways of learning. Basic robotic kits for example are being introduced to take it up a notch and make technology physically available to the youth in a fun way so that the learning process speeds up. The platform being schools where we send our children to get “educated”, is where the inquisitive minds need to be nurtured and the transformation of these beginners to innovators of their time needs to be worked upon now when ideas and energy levels are boundless. Practical implementation and bridging the gap between fun and technology is the key which may develop the minds of these budding tech entrepreneurs.

The idea is to reach the potential of the bare mind and energy by introducing children to technology which fascinates them and opens up their minds to the possibilities of maybe one day replicating it or even taking it a step forward and breaking barriers that limit us; providing the resources that enable them to work the miracles of science that we only read of. Encouraging them to step forward and take the tech industry by storm setting examples and becoming a source of inspiration in the world of STEM education.

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