Top 5 educational robotics kits

February 17, 2018

Top 5 educational robotics kits

Robotics kits are a fun and creative way to spark a passion for science and learning. They are also a brilliant way to promote STEM education amongst young people and show them that science can be truly fun.

Not only are educational robotics kits fun to play around with, they also challenge the mind and develop interest in STEM subjects; an area where interest is sorely lacking. These DIY kits are a unique way of inculcating the culture of hands-on scientific learning as well as sharpening critical thinking skills and promoting scientific inquiry.

1. Lego Mindstorm EV3

Often called the king of DIY Robotics kits, Lego Mindstorm adds to the brilliant world of legos. The set contains guides to build five different types of robots. Young people around the world have been using this DIY kit to build unique robots, most notably, the Braigo. The Braigo is a braille printer designed by a twelve year old boy named Shubham Banerjee.

The robot can be connected and controlled through apple/android phones and is a fantastic way to test one’s creativity.

2. Cubelets

This DIY kit is designed for children aged five and above. It is a brilliant way to teach children about STEM education and develop their critical thinking and scientific inquiry skills from a young age.

This robotics kit includes separate blocks, each block is a robot in itself. The blocks have three functions; think, action and sense. Each function teaches the child something new. For example, the think function trains the mind in maths and logic.

3. mBot Robot Kit

mBot is a DIY kit designed for young children. The idea is to let kids assemble it on their own. It is a brilliant way for children to learn about programming, Arduino and robotics.

The DIY kit is easy for children to use and can be finished under ten minutes. The price is more affordable than that of other robotics kits.

4. LeoBot

Under production by TechTree, this is a vigorous and sturdy DIY kit, and one of the simplest to assemble. The robot connects to an application with an interactive story based module to engage the child in the activity.

Programming the robot is fairly simple. The LeoBot comes with a programming module to make it easy for the user to engage in coding. Due to its simple and interactive nature, LeoBot is one of the most stimulating to use.

5. OWI Robotic Arm Edge

This is one of the best DIY kits for beginners. It is designed for young adults and will not take more than a few hours to finish. It is also quite affordable and is a remarkable way to challenge the mind and spark interest in STEM education.

It has a five-switch wired controller, five ear boxes, five motors and five joints, one of which has total command. This DIY kit boasts amusing added features, making the whole experience more fascinating for the user.

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