About us

Devolving Thoughts, Moving Lives

Tech Tree is an initiative by Young and Educated minds of Pakistan, to instill in younger generation a passion and vision for core subjects. We bring contemporary teaching methods and aids to ensure children clutches what they are taught about. This is because, unless you make children understand the real value of S.T.E.M subjects, they can’t comprehend to challenges faces in 21st century.

All courses offered at Tech Tree are designed by experienced, qualified and expert professionals with thorough understanding of the subject and an ability to reach-out to young minds.

Our Vision

Our vision is to ensure the future generation is well-versed with the scientific and technological revolutions that are shaping the world of today by fostering in them the passion to explore fascinating possibilities in S.T.E.M fields.

TechTree was founded as a tech initiative to deliver contemporary knowledge through interactive teaching methods to students.

Our values

Tech Tree is one of the most comprehensive education initiative that is offering contemporary and rich S.T.E.M learning practices using interactive and intriguing teaching aids

Tech Tree is the brain child of Shaheer Ahmed and Salman Tariq, longtime friends and tech geeks. It all started with the observance of serious lack of scientific facilities and old teaching practices prevailing in Pakistan which has subsequently reflected upon the poor nation-wide performance in S.T.E.M fields.

Today, TechTree comprise of over 15 members sharing a bond of passion for technology and commitment to deliver something larger than life to younger generations.

“There aren’t enough number of engineers and scientists graduating in Pakistan yearly. More direly, those who do graduate aren’t at par with the scientific, technological engineering and mathematical knowledge to compete at world stage. Until we lead the way in S.T.E.M fields for our younger generation, we aren’t going to progress, never! ”

Meet our team

Shaheer Ahmed


Shaheer is an Electronic Engineer by profession. He is the captain of this ship. TechTree is a culmination of his efforts and dream. He is a passionate and firm believer of the cause.

Salman Tariq


Salman is a software engineer and has worked on numerous projects. The constantly working brain. He is also running a software consultancy firm. Follows the motto of Eat. Sleep. Code. Repeat.

Tarib Ahmed


Tarib is an Engineer by profession. Handling the ever challenging operations at TechTree. Loves to teach and the head of technical training.

Yahya Naseem

Marketing Manager

Yahya is a business graduate. Handles the business development and content. Spends his time researching about everything and anything and is extremely enthusiastic about technology trends.


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