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S.T.E.M forms the core of scientific and technological revolution that shaped our lives today. These are the core subjects that decides upon the future of nations. S.T.E.M forms the backbone for industrial, technological and subsequent socio-economic well-being of a nation. Unfortunately, in Pakistan the poor quality education system coupled with lack of vision forms a bottleneck for the country to progress or compete with other nations. Until we can instill the passion and vision of S.T.E.M education in our younger generations, we cannot hope for this dire situation of utter darkness and ignorance to change. It is because no quality of college lecture on genetics can be more interesting than the pervasive X-Men and no amount of lecture on space science can invigorate passion for space science more than appalling Apollo 13.

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Our Advisory Panel

Jehan Ara

Outreach Advisor

Jehan is the president at P@SHA and The Nest I/O. One of the biggest names in Pakistan’s entrepreneurship industry, Jehan truly knows what entrepreneurship is about and is forever ready to mentor all those who seek help.

Tariq Khursheed

Business Advisor

Tariq Khursheed is a maverick and revolutionary in real-estate innovation. He is also a serial entrepreneur and has multiple ventures under his name.

Zartaj Waseem

Academic Advisor

Being the pioneer of STEM education in Karachi, Zartaj is currently heading the robotics and STEM studio at Haq Academy. She has an innate desire of seeing Pakistani youth seize an extensive share of the global STEM job market.

Rana Waqar

Technical Advisor

Rana Waqar is an engineer, technology enthusiast and hobbyist who has a vast experience in robotics and is currently working at SUPARCO in the field of aerial robotics.

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