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Creating, Innovating, Educating: STEM Warriors

We aspire to provide outstanding STEM education, emphasizing its life-changing impact on young minds.

What we offer?

TechTree offers a comprehensive range of STEM and Coding education solutions, including curriculum integration, maker packages, turnkey STEM and Coding labs, and expert teacher training, empowering schools to foster innovation and hands-on learning in students from grades 1 to 8.

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We offer comprehensive turnkey STEM and Coding education solutions for grades 1 to 8, with customizable lab packages, expert training, and tailored support for schools.


Discover the essence of our School Alliance Program, our meticulously crafted course outlines align thoughtfully with grade levels and existing school curricula.


Our School Empowerment Program transforms schools into STEM-focused institutions, offering seamless curriculum integration, expert guidance, and flexible Annual or Monthly Programs.

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