Making Summers Count with STEM Summer Camps

When summer vacation is around the corner the one thing that strikes the mind of every parent is how to keep this vacation engaging for their child in some healthy and productive activities. In fact, not keeping a child engaged in any kind of mind-stimulating activity can result in summer learning loss. A summer learning loss is a loss of academic knowledge and skills incurred by children during the course of their summer vacation as a result of which they may have difficulty catching up with their academics. Thus, in order to reverse this loss whilst also keeping the essence of summer vacation, it is required that children are made to engage in learning in ways different from the learning that takes place at schools. When we talk of engaging young individuals, we mean taking them through the adventures of making new discoveries and new ideas, allowing them to come to understand the world around them, and the delight of learning using scientific methods, logic and reasoning. This joy can in turn enable them to have a lifetime of learning. Such an experience can be guaranteed by an effective STEM summer camp.

A STEM summer camp which is hands-on and fun-filled can stimulate the natural curiosity of a child. High quality STEM summer programs have been proven to offer the much needed opportunity for a child to build and maintain their core skills in the areas of science and mathematics. They do so by enabling children to have inquiry-based, hands-on learning by getting them involved in real world applications. Thus, we may not underestimate the impact that a STEM summer camp can have on the cognitive abilities of your child. Of course, we want our kids to relax during summer breaks, but an extended period of plain relaxation may not prove to be very fulfilling for them. A couple of weeks of an engaging STEM summer camp is what the experts recommend.