TechTree brought STEM Education to The City School

The outset of STEM education in Pakistan has given hopes that Pakistan will not be left behind in technology with the younger generation being introduced to STEM where the objective is to stimulate the mind and enable children to create and innovate. TechTree has been working with a similar motto. Very recently it conducted a four month long STEM workshop in various branches of The City School which ended with an inter-branch competition organized by TechTree at The Center for Educational and Professional Development.


The workshop was carried out in three Phases. In Phase 1, the students were taught basic coding and programming using Edison Bot. In Phase 2, students were taught basic electronics and basic circuits using TechTree DIY Kits. In Phase 3, students assembled and programmed TechTree’s Smart Robot Car from scratch. The Smart Robot Cars were designed to pass the challenges of the two main tournaments; Robo Soccer and Robo Race.


The competing rounds were extremely enthralling for the audiences. This was seen as a great platform for students to learn science in a fun and exciting manner, at a more practical and hands-on- level. By incorporating the concepts of engineering and computer programming, students learned to become active problem-solvers through strategic and logical reasoning.


In an effort of nurturing innovators in our youth today, robotic competitions like such allow students to showcase their designs and building strategies. Together with learning the technical skills, they also gain an understanding of the core concepts and expound on new technologies. Allowing them to flourish as young inventors, they will be set to endow meaningful contributions to our society. Student involvement in robotic competitions will not just provide them with engineering and programming skills, but will also help them to boost confidence, expand critical thinking abilities, and brace teamwork capabilities.

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