STEM Summer Camp by TechTree

It’s usually better to have things lined up by the start of your summer vacation so that you may not be left with ‘nothing to do’ and waste your precious days of your vacation. If you are a fan of arts, creativity and innovation, TechTree has the perfect combination to offer you through its STEM summer camp. It is the perfect opportunity for those who are seeking to improve their critical thinking abilities and be a step ahead of others. The 2018 summer camp offered by TechTree will be commencing from 25th June at the Center for Educational Professional Development, the City School. The campers will be following a series of fun and interactive courses which will eventually lead them to build something of their own. That something can either be a digital game, a smart robot car or even a drone! Isn’t it very exciting! Yes indeed! Given that you take part in the activities and indulging sessions that TechTree has to offer you, you would be able to make one of your coolest inventions. It’s not going to end there and therein but prizes and certificates will be offered to the top performers. If you have a love for STEM, then you are sure to cherish your time at TechTree’s summer camp that involves everything related to STEM, and while you learn and innovate, you will be having a chance of socializing and making new friends. Sounds pretty convincing right?! So let’s steal the fun and make the most of your vacations and explore the inventor that hides in you.

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